1. Fuori ufficio means out of office. When you send the email to your Italian colleagues and you receive 100000 out of office replies, you know that it’s August. Here are some “sono fuori ufficio” emails I have received this year:

2. Chiuso per ferie – closures of stores, bars and bureaucratic offices can be frustrating. 

You just need to accept that completing certain tasks will be impossible until September!

Don’t worry while many businesses in the larger cities may be closed, museums and tourist shops will be open and bustling.

3. Ferragosto – is a key word! Ferragosto is a true celebration of summer! It is an Italian national holiday and holy day of obligation in the Catholic Church celebrated on 15 August in all of Italy. Ferragosto is, next to Christmas, Easter and New Years, the most important holiday in Italy.

4. Fa caldo. (It’s hot.)

August is typically Italy’s hottest month, and that’s coupled with high humidity in many parts of the country. This is one of the main reasons August is the vacation month for most Italians.

5. Dove si trova la spiaggia? ( Where is a beach?)

Where’s everybody gone?

Many Italians take their summer vacation in August, that is why the cities are emptying and the beaches are filling up. If you want to meet locals, go to the beach:)