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10-16 March

Ciao Ragazzi!

The March Newsletter will be all dedicated to Italian Prepositions!

Why prepositions?

It’s the most challenging topic for students of Italian to master. Knowing which prepositions to use when is a challenge right from the beginning, and unfortunately it’s one that often lasts to even very late stages in your Italian learning process. I know people who are fluent and really good at Italian who still get prepositions confused when they speak.

This is why I have prepared Italian verbs followed by prepositions eBook for you! In order to get this free eBook please subscribe to my Newsletter HERE.

We will be working with this eBook together! No worries! All details and action plan is inside the eBook! Get your copy and see you on Instagram!

Challenge accepted? 🙂

The challenge is composed of two parts:

Part one – your own work at home This is a list of verbs followed by prepositions you need to memorize each day. You will find this list prepared for you in this ebook.

Part two – on Instagram Every day we will explain the meaning of one fixed phrase with a preposition. At the end of the challenge you will know 7 useful Italian phrases!

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