Common Mistakes that we make while speaking Italian.

“Sbagliando si impara” – il verbo imparare e insegnare.

Common Mistakes that we make while speaking Italian.

Anyone learning Italian as a Second Language will make mistakes along the way.  It is inevitable. Don’t worry about it! The important thing is to learn from these mistakes so you become a more capable, confident speaker.

Please accept the fact that mistakes are a part of the learning process!

I decided to create a new blog post series: “Sbagliando si impara” to describe common speaking mistakes for Italian as a Second Language speakers. This week all our attention goes to two Italian verbs: imparare and insegnare.

I have noticed that there is a little bit of confusion, probably because they have similar meaning but please remember they are not synonyms!

Please have a look at below:  

Imparare e insegnare non sono la stessa cosa !

Voglio imparare molto da lui. – I want to learn a lot from him.

Sto imparando a suonare la chitarra. – I’m learning to play the guitar.

Mario ha imparato la lezione. –  Mario has learned the lesson.

Nella vita c’è sempre da imparare. – You learn something every day/you’re never too old to learn.

Maria insegna inglese all’università. – She teaches English at the university.

Ti insegnerò io la buona educazione! – I’ll teach you some manners!

Mario ha insegnato ai bambini i nomi delle piante. – Mario taught the children the names of plants.

Now is your turn, read each sentence and decide which verb suits better:

1. Mio fratello ………………… qualche parola di francese.

2. L’esperienza ………….. a vivere.

3. Non ti hanno…………………che bisogna salutare?

4. Gli uccellini ……….. presto a volare.

5. Non posso uscire, devo .……………. la canzone per oggi pomeriggio.

6. Così Mario…………… essere più ordinato.

7. Cosa vi ……………….. a scuola? (loro)

Please memorise the following sentence, it gives you all the info you need to know to understand the difference between INSEGNARE and IMPARARE. 🙂

A teacher teaches well so the students manage to learn everything.

Alla prossima!


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