Italian verbs followed by prepositions

It’s time to master Italian prepositions!

There are many verbs in Italian which are followed by a particular preposition. Knowing which prepositions to use when is a challenge right from the beginning, and unfortunately it’s one that often lasts to even very late stages in your Italian learning process.

Some verbs require a certain preposition when an infinitive follows and also require a different, specific preposition when a noun or pronoun follows. There is no magic rule, you have to memorize them! Learning them takes time and practice. My advice is to use flashcards to study them. Buy blank flashcards and create your own personalized list of verbs followed by prepositions. Here, are some verbs to start with:

List of main Italian verbs with preposition.

To help you figure out where you might have gaps in knowledge, I put together this free quiz on prepositions after verbs. Choose the correct preposition to complete each sentence.

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