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Sopia Loren book review

Se penso alla mia vita, mi sorprendo che sia tutto vero. Una mattina mi sveglierò e capirò di aver solo sognato. Intendiamoci, non è stato facile. Di certo è stato bello, è stato duro, ne è valsa la pena. Il successo ha un peso, che bisogna imparare a gestire. Nessuno te lo insegna; la risposta come sempre, sta dentro di te”

Yes, it really is a Cinderella story from rags to riches but there is no doubt that she worked very hard for the transformation in her life.  

In Loren’s own words, this is a collection of “unpublished memories, curious anecdotes, tiny secrets told, all of which spring from a box found by chance, a precious treasure trove filled with emotions, experiences, adventures.”

Loren’s stories are unfailingly sweet, modest, patient.   

This is a discreet autobiography, you won’t find  any details about her relationship with Carlo Ponti or Cary Grant. She is a naturally reserved person and I will excuse her for not pouring every last bloody thing onto the page  – she is interesting enough on the surface.  Instead, Loren gives us insight on her  encounters with major celebrities, focusing on what made them wonderful or special as a person rather than as a celebrity figure.  She talks about the major transitions and decisions in her life, the importance of the strong family. 
Personally, I can’t thank her enough for all of the hours of entertainment she has given me.  It was like sitting next to her on the sunny piazza and listening to all she wanted to tell me.  

Here are my 3 favourite parts of the book

1. It explains why Sophia Loren called her mother “mammina” and never “mamma”.

2. sophia Loren and cary grant


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