It is time to take your Italian placement test.

It is time to take your Italian placement test. 

As a teacher I need to evaluate my students and to be able to place them in an appropriate learning environment.  Placement tests are meant to determine a student’s language skill level so that with the test results in hand, an adviser and student can sit down and determine a course that would best suit the student. A class below the student’s ability would not benefit their education, and a class far above their ability could prove frustrating.   

I believe that placement tests are also a good starting point after taking a long break.  

Perhaps you’ve taken time off over the summer and are now going back to school, college or work.  I am sure that the placement test will help you to understand what is your language level and what you need to revise.   

Relax, take your test by clicking the link below, review your answers, and write down your mistakes. Indeed, making mistakes is important. Knowing what works, and what needs our attention is essential. They say that success in any domain is simply a result of making a large amount of tiny mistakes over time 🙂 

If you have any questions please let me know, I will be happy to help you to improve your Italian. 

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