False friends in Italian – the words that seem friendly because they’re so close to English but then turn around and trick you.  
Here is the list of 30 false friends that even today I found a little bit confusing and need to think twice before using them:) 

1.      Conveniente

means good value
Convenient is translated as comodo, adatto, opportuno

2.      Delusione

means disappointment
Delusion is translated as illusione

3.      Duomo

means cathedral
Dome is translated as cupola

4.      Educazione

doesn’t mean education but good manners
Education actually means cultura, istruzione

5.      Estate

means summer
Estate is translated as proprietà

6.      Fabbrica

means factory
Fabric is translated as tessuto

7.      Fattoria

doesn’t mean factory but farm
Factory is translated as fabbrica

8.      Libreria

means bookshop, bookcase
Library is translated as biblioteca

9.      Magazzino

means warehouse
Magazine is translated as periodico, rotocalco

10.   Novella

means tale, short story
Novel is translated as romanzo

11.   Pace

means peace
Pace is translated as andatura, passo

12.   Partire

means to leave
(to) part is translated as separare, dividere

13.   Patente

means licence
Patent is translated as brevetto

14.   Pavimento

doesn’t mean pavement but floor
Pavement is translated as marciapiede

15.   Preservativo

means contraceptive, condom
Preservative is translated as conservante

16.   Pretendere

doesn’t mean pretend but to claim
(to) pretend is translated as far finta

17.   Rata

means installment
Rate is translated as velocità, tasso, livello

18.   Ricoverare

doesn’t mean recover but to admit, to be hospitalised
(to) recover is instead translated as guarire

19.   Ritenere

means to think, to believe
(to) retain is translated as conservare, trattenere

20.   Riversare

means to pour
(to) reverse is translated as invertire, far marcia indietro

21.   Simpatico

means nice, likeable, pleasant
Sympathetic is translated as comprensivo, compassionevole

22.   Sopportare

means to bear, to stand, support
(to) support is translated as sostenere, mantenere

23.   Stanza

doesn’t mean stanza but room
Camera is translated as macchina fotografica

24.   Straniero

means foreigner
Stranger is translated as sconosciuto, estraneo

25.   Testo

means text
Test is translated as prova, esame, saggio

26.   Vacanza

means holiday
Vacancy is translated as posto di lavoro disponibile

27.   Società

doesn’t always mean society but normally company, firm
Society is normally used to mean alta società, associazione, confraternita

28.   Rumore

means noise
Rumour (UK) is translated as voce diffusa, gossip

29.   Confrontare

means to compare
(to) confront is translated as far fronte a, affrontare

30.   Candido

means pure, innocent
Candid is translated as schietto

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