Ci facciamo l’orecchio – puntata quattro

Oh dolce far niente…

Lets talk today about art of doing nothing or literally “the sweetness of doing nothing”.

Have you ever wondered how is it possible that the country that for ages is famous for having a creative superpower is also famous for doing nothing?

Nowadays doing nothing is seen as a waste of time. Many go on to seek constant stimulation. It’s as if there is a new commandment: never be bored!

But even if it appears nothing is happening, the brain is hard at work. The reason people create when they’re bored is because when the brain is under-stimulated a particular network, known as the default mode, is activated. Every single artistic leap or bright idea is born into this amazing network!

Creation emerges out of nothingness!

Read the following text and try to guess what are the missing words. Listen to the text and check your answers. Do you know the meaning of all the missing words?

Don’t forget to write in the comments what do you think of the idea of dolce far niente!

Comments in Italian are the best 🙂

un abbraccio,


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